New children’s librarian digs books

Friday, March 1, 2019

Brittney Uecker, youth services librarian at the Lewistown Public Library, embraces her favorite books and her new position.

Photo by Miriam Campan

It takes more than reading a book to eager toddlers to earn the position of Youth Services Librarian at the Lewistown Public Library. Just ask latest staff member Brittney Uecker, who began her career as a librarian on Feb. 15.

Because she has family ties in Lewistown, Uecker, her husband Josh and their two children made the move from Missoula. “We were looking to move back to Lewistown and this position popped up,” said Uecker who relocated to Lewistown on Feb. 1.

“My husband works for the BLM and has a degree in archaeology,” Uecker said. “I have a B.A. and an M.A. in anthropology.”  The job requirements sought a candidate with a Bachelor’s Degree and experience in a library teaching setting, along with the ability to be an effective and capable public speaker.

Cathy Moser, a library Board of Trustees member, sat in on the interview. “She (Uecker) came across as the best candidate. She was very articulate,” Moser said.

Uecker is no stranger to a library. In Missoula she explored their library for ideas for her long-distance book club, and for her home story times with 5-year-old daughter Chloe and 2-year-old son Elliot.  

 “I was expecting the Lewistown library to be smaller when comparing it to Missoula’s. Lewistown’s Carnegie library is very impressive,” Uecker said.

 For a read-to during her interview, “Crafty Chloe” by Kelly DiPucchio was a familiar and natural choice. “It’s my daughter’s favorite.” Uecker also loves the classics in children’s literature and appreciates the large selections available of picture books and book series.  Her son Elliot, “likes that he can touch and make noise.  He also likes books about dump trucks.” 

When considering the position, Uecker said she had many ideas, which she expressed during her interview.  “I want to incorporate writing into the programs.  Not only in Pre-K but through Junior High School.” 

Uecker also has the responsibility of being a resource for schools, organizations, and for acquiring new books for the Youth section.

The Youth Services Librarian works with children of all ages and is responsible for “managing the youth area,” which includes planning, preparing for craft activities and implementing programs for older youth. 

In her short time as the youth librarian she has already come to know many members of the community.  “I love when kids come and ask for recommendations.  They get so excited. The middle school aged patrons come in looking for series and particular authors.  Those books are just tearing off the shelves.” 

Moser said, “We had no concern that she wouldn’t be able to pick up the technology, the language, and other facets of the position.  We knew she would fit in.”



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