New volunteer coordinator at RSVP


March’s cooler weather had many people frowning, but the month’s start had at least one silver lining: a new volunteer coordinator at Lewistown’s Retired and Senior Volunteer Program.

Jennifer Moody started March 6, and is excited for her new position.

“It just clicked for me,” she said. “I had all the experience, and it just stood out.”

Moody said a history in the non-profit and fundraising fields drew her to the opening. She plans to spend the first few months familiarizing herself with the new position, the community groups she works with and RSVP’s clients.

“I have really enjoyed getting to know the people and getting to know the position itself,” she said.

Moody is eager to learn more by doing more.

“I want to be out there, face to face with the volunteers and the public,” she said. “I really plan to have RSVP out there in the public, too.”

Moody’s goals for the coming year include public awareness and outreach for the non-profit’s local chapter. The group works to connect volunteers aged 55 and older with age- and ability-appropriate volunteer opportunities, and she feels many people are unaware of what RSVP can offer them.

One piece of outreach for Moody will be experiencing what her clients’ experience.

“I do not believe in just handing a new recruit a list of volunteering sites,” she said. “I want to be able to say, ‘I’ve been to these sites, I know what you can do for these sites.’”

Overall, Moody is excited about the future of RSVP in Lewistown.

“I really look forward to my position,” she said. “I’m really optimistic that we will be able to make positive steps.”



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