No better candidate than Loomis

Dear Editor,

Clint Loomis is the ideal candidate for Lewistown City Commissioner at Large. Clint is an independent thinker and a good listener: he takes a centrist position, coupling responsibility with new ideas.

Clint knows Lewistown well. He is a long-term resident of Lewistown, and he lives here because he loves life in Central Montana.

It is amazing how many local people Clint knows. He has gotten to know them in his career as a Lewistown teacher, through the organizations he has supported for years, in working with local businesses and the city and county governments, from participation in civic events, in the adult education classes he teaches, in his Gallery on Main Street, in the restaurants and coffee houses in Lewistown, and from meeting and talking to people at social and recreational events, and when he walks the sidewalks and trails of Lewistown.

Not only does Clint meet a lot of people, he makes a sincere effort to remember names and faces. He cares about the folks he meets, and it is inherent in his nature to listen to what people have to say.

There could not be a better candidate for Lewistown Commissioner than Clint. He understands that while we work to stay on top of current issues, we must strive to maintain the best of our community and to plan for the future.

As City Commissioner at Large, with every issue that arises, Clint Loomis will be asking, “Is it good for the people of Lewistown and Central Montana?” and he will act accordingly.

Mary Frieze




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