Over 50 students participate in Winifred Science Fair

By Rex Duncan

Special to the News-Argus


This year’s Science Fair was on March 9, Friday afternoon, in the halls of Winifred School. The participating grades were sixth-12th, with a total of 55 students involved. Following are a few of the great science reports that were displayed:

Samantha DeMars’ three-week project on hydroponics (growing plants without soil in water with the necessary nutrients to survive); Samantha Levick’s project on determining which bubble gum blows the biggest bubbles (Hubba Bubba was the champ); Anna Slivka’s project to determine if air absorbs shock (which it does).

Two of the several Science Fair reports mixed with demonstrations were Marcus Aicardi’s hairspray-powered potato gun, and Anthony DeMars turning salt black by dehydrating it using sulfuric acid.

Out of all the concepts I viewed, my favorite was by Raymond Levicks. Raymond’s project was on the function of human vocal cords. To my surprise and delight, I discovered that human vocal cords work similarly to violins, which made me think of all humans as instruments playing different notes every day.

Elementary students toured the fair projects, asking questions and listening to science students’ presentations. Every project was informational and enjoyable.



What is your favorite part of the Fair?