Paving is almost complete but is not yet ready for traffic

Century’s paving crews are almost finished with the truck bypass and will be continuing to pave on Highway 87 from the west moving towards town. Expect delays of 15 minutes for some approaches to businesses. Signage or traffic control personnel will inform motorists of temporary closures, or where to gain access to businesses. The rollers following the paving machine need time to properly compact and finish the asphalt before it can be opened to traffic. This ensures a quality roadway when it is finished. Please have patience as traffic is delayed periodically to complete the paving.

Work on Airport Road will resume within the next week now that retaining walls are being poured. Dirt crews will be working on backfill of these walls and finalizing Airport Road. All of this work will be done primarily without the presence of flaggers. There will be construction traffic coming and going from this area ,so please use caution.

Installation of the overhead sign bridge structure just west of Brookville Lane has been rescheduled for the week of Oct. 31. Next week’s update will have additional information with a more exact dates and times of work. Just as a reminder, traffic in both directions on the highway will be temporarily stopped while a crane hoists the sign into position over the highway. Wait time will be approximately 15 minutes.

At this time, Century Companies Inc. would like to remind motorists to always expect the unexpected when driving through work zones. Motorists are advised to watch for work crews, heavy equipment and reduced speed limits. Posted limits are enforced until signs indicate the work zone has ended. Fines will double in work zones.

Road construction plays a crucial role in maintaining safe roadways and travel throughout Montana. Century Companies Inc. asks that motorists practice patience when approaching construction zones. Travelers should expect delays and are encouraged to adjust their travel times accordingly. Century Companies Inc. is dedicated to expediting this project and apologizes for any inconvenience it may cause.

For questions or concerns, please contact Century Companies Inc. at 535-1200.



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