Petrolia Travel Management Plan needs public comments

A rainbow touches down near Grass Range.

BLM Photo courtesy of Jonathan Moor

Help from the public is being sought for the development of the draft Petrolia Travel Management Plan and Environmental Assessment.

The Petrolia Travel Management Plan will establish an inclusive system of transportation routes that: provides access to public lands for multiple-use activities, while minimizing impacts to wildlife habitat; reduces the introduction and spread of invasive weeds; lessens conflicts among recreational user groups; and prevents damage to cultural resources resulting from the expansion of roads and trails on public lands.

Development of a comprehensive plan for managing motorized and non-motorized routes is a required by both the Bureau of Land Management Travel and Transportation Management Manual and the 2015 Greater Sage Grouse Resource Management Plan Amendment.

The BLM Lewistown Field Office will hold open house public meetings 5-7 p.m., June 7-8 to discuss the draft Petrolia Travel Management Plan and Environmental Assessment. The June 7 meeting will be at the Yogo Inn, 211 N.E. Main St., in Lewistown. The June 8 meeting is at the Petroleum County Courthouse, 201 E. Main St., in Winnett. Both meetings will focus on the entire planning area, which covers southern Petroleum and southeastern Fergus Counties, including the communities of Winnett, Grass Range and Mosby. Wild Horse Lake, War Horse Lake, Yellow Water Reservoir and Petrolia Lake are also encompassed in the area.

During the meetings, maps of the current and potential travel network will be available for review and BLM staff will answer questions and receive written comments. Detailed information and maps for the Petrolia Travel Management Area can be found at

The 30-day scoping comment period is May 30–June 29. Comments are most helpful if they provide specific actions, resources, or issues to be considered and analyzed.  Submit comments on Pe trolia Travel Management Plan to: or 920 NE Main St., Lewistown, MT 59457, Fax: 538-1904.

If you do not want your address, phone number, e-mail or other personal identifying information to be made public, do not include it in the body of your comment. Your entire comment, including personal identifying information, will be available for public review and is subject to Freedom of Information Act disclosure requests. Submissions from organizations, from businesses, and from individuals identifying themselves as representatives of organizations or businesses, will be available for public review. For more information, contact the BLM Lewistown Field Office at 538-1900.



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