Pheasant hunters need to be bear aware

Pheasant season is under way and hunters along the Rocky Mountain Front, especially in riparian areas, need to be aware they are in bear country.

In recent years, grizzlies have wandered out onto the prairie away from the Front, following streams and river bottoms.

That means hunters moving through thick brush along streams now and into November during the big game season could encounter a grizzly. Fish, Wildlife and Parks recommends hunters carry bear spray in addition to their firearms. Statistically bear spray offers better personal protection than a sidearm in bear country.

FWP has produced a brochure outlining some simple safety procedures for bird hunters in grizzly country. The brochures are available at FWP Region 4 in Great Falls and many license agents along the Front. For more information, call FWP in Great Falls at (406) 454-5840.



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