Pipeline riots cost workers, companies and state

Dear Editor,
In my opinion, America is out of control with riots and murder organized by the “Black Lives Matter” hired terrorists directed by the Saul Alinsky group in Chicago (ACORN was the original group in the 2008 election), financed largely by American and international socialist money funneled through George Soros’ front organizations to create social chaos. Now it suddenly appeared in North Dakota.
The last couple of weeks I was in the Dakotas and Nebraska on business, and observed first hand this group creating havoc in North Dakota. They had organized up to 2,000 Indians from the Dakota reservations to demonstrate against the oil pipeline (which is 50 to 100 miles from any reservation) claiming it was crossing “sacred land.”
Local folks told me this group vandalized $20,000 of surveying equipment several months ago, resulting in the company hiring private security guards as well as several canine guards. During the attacks on pipeline workers the past week, rioters overwhelmed the security guards, putting several in the hospital plus they severely beat the security dogs, knocking out the dogs’ teeth and putting them in a vet clinic.
I talked to some who said Federal officials identified at least three organizers on the reservations who were organizers of the Baltimore, Chicago, and Texas “Black Lives Matter” riots. Local officials also told me Federal law enforcement monitoring BLM activities reported the organizers were reportedly being paid $150,000 to organize riots in those cities, and they paid “team leaders” $1,500 per day plus a $500 bonus if they were arrested (plus bail money).
North Dakota rioters told local officials they did not know what it was all about; or had only a vague idea, but they were paid well to be there, etc. Local officials told me they were caught off guard by the large numbers of rioters and how well organized they were.
North Dakota borrowed $8 million from the Bank of North Dakota, according to newspaper reports, to reimburse local law enforcement and cover ongoing expenses. As of last week, the state of North Dakota reported spending $1.8 million trying to control the situation. The rioters forced stoppage of construction, and I visited with a number of pipeline workers who were in hotels waiting to see if they would be laid off—the cost of doing business in a socialist culture!
Ed Butcher



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