Pizza business owners offer facts

Dear Editor,
It seems it might be appropriate to address the increasing frequency of an inaccurate rumor that has been circulating about our business, Little Big Men Pizza.
Many of our friends and family have been aware that our business has been on sale for months. Fact.
We have had several inquiries via the websites on which it is listed. Fact.
Not one of these inquiries has gone past the initial inquiry stage. Fact.
The question we have been asked so many times that we have lost count is, when are we closing, because they have heard we sold the business. Rumor.
John and I have had an incredible 35-year run in this business. The sales volume and customer counts continue to increase with every passing year. We have a significant number of loyal customers and a base of tremendous employees, whom we feel honored to call friends. We have and will continue to keep our standards high to be true to both these groups. We both believe in hard work and accountability, and try to live up to these standards seven days a week.
As we enter year 36, it is our hope that someone who understands what we have built is as excited about continuing this venture as we were when we started this journey when we were 21. Until that time, know that we are open, as usual, to feed all of our Central Montana friends and visitors and continue to be thankful to all of you who have supported and believed in us for all these years.
Crystal and John Matteson



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