Police Blotter

Judy Thompson




The following report is taken from information provided by the Lewistown Police Department and does not represent the total scope of police activity. All persons are innocent until proven guilty.


Nov. 29

• At 12:32 a.m. a 911 caller reported a person walking along U.S. Hwy. 87. The caller was concerned as the person was walking close to the highway and wearing dark clothing, so they were difficult to see. The Judith Basin County Sheriff’s Office, the Fergus County Sheriff’s Office and the Montana Highway Patrol were notified. 

• At 6:55 a.m. a person reported when a female comes over to “mess with” the things in her home, she was leaving her kids home alone. 

• At 9:11 a.m. officers served a Montana Highway Patrol warrant on a male for no insurance, expired registration, and altered plates. 

• At 11:24 a.m. an officer advised a tree had blown over in the 500 block of W. Evelyn St. and was blocking the roadway.

• At 2:03 p.m. a person said he witnessed two younger males crawl through a window at a house on Judith Ave. Officers responded and the males had permission from the owner to enter the house. 

• At 6:26 p.m. a 911 caller reported her friend had hit a bull elk at MM 38 on Hwy. 87. The caller said there were no injuries, but the air bags had deployed and the vehicle was not drivable. The Montana Highway Patrol and the Fergus County Sheriff’s Office were advised. 

Nov. 30

• At 1:04 p.m. the Fergus County Sheriff’s Office advised Maiden Canyon was out of power due to a fallen tree.

• At 3:57 p.m. a person requested to know if he had to have both a front and a back license plate on his vehicle and if they had to match. 

• At 7:15 p.m. a person requested officer’s assistance because he was kicked out of his house and his roommate accused him of stealing. Officers responded.

• At 8:57 p.m. a person requested to know how late he can run a saw. Officers spoke with the person. 


Dec. 1

• At 9:25 a.m. a person reported a dog had escaped from the pound. Animal control responded

• At 9:26 a.m. a person reported they came across a male sleeping in a sleeping bag on the walking trail. Officers responded.

• At 10:21 a.m. a person requested to speak to an officer about a scam they were involved in. Officers spoke to the person.

• At 10:53 a.m. Code Compliance advised they spoke with the individual responsible for the parked pickup filled with trash.

• At 3:05 p.m. a person reported children unrestrained in a van across the street. Before officers could respond the person reported the van drove away.

• At 7:31 p.m. a person reported a vehicle parked in a handicap spot. Officers responded.

• At 8:34 p.m. a 911 caller reported they heard yelling followed by gunshots. Officers responded.

• At 9:05 p.m. a person reported a guest at a hotel ran into their vehicle and did a significant amount of damage.


Dec. 2

• At 7:09 a.m. a person reported while walking his dog a pit bull charged him. Officers responded.

• At 7:38 a.m. a person reported a vehicle would be passing through Stanford and the driver does not have a driver’s license. The Judith Basin County deputy was advised.

• At 8:17 a.m. a 911 caller reported their neighbor’s yard was on fire. The Lewistown Fire Department responded and said residents of the home were burning small debris piles all over the yard.

• At 8:59 a.m. a person advised he was being discharged from a medical facility in Billings and would like an officer to respond to his home in Lewistown to wake up his girlfriend so she could come and give him a ride back. Officers spoke to the person.

• At 9:04 a.m. a person reported someone had dumped a couch in her yard. Officers were advised.

• At 9:59 a.m. a person reported a dog had escaped the pound again. Officers were advised.

• At 11:08 a.m. a 911 caller reported a horse walking down the street. Officers responded and said the owner of the horse was walking the horse by the reins and everything was okay.

• At 4:21 p.m. a person reported there was a boxer in his yard. Officers responded.

• At 6:06 p.m. BNSF contacted the Fergus County Sheriff’s Office and advised the arms at the railroad crossing did not come down when the train came through. 


Dec. 3

• At 5:28 a.m. a person requested the Moore Fire Department be paged to a possible fire inside of a building off of U.S. Hwy. 87. No flames were visible, but the building was full of smoke. The Moore Fire Department and the Lewistown Fire Department responded. 

• At 7:40 p.m. a person reported a male had been supplying a minor with tobacco. Officers spoke with the person.

Dec. 4

• At 8:05 a.m. a person reported the Department Of Transportation truck cannot plow part of 1st Ave. S. due to vehicles being illegally parked. Officers responded.

• At 8:41 a.m. a person reported his tires were slashed sometime in the night. Officers responded.

• At 11:30 a.m. a person reported someone was attempting to go up a hill and was sliding backwards. Officers responded. 

• At 6:07 p.m. a 911 caller reported a group of kids running across the street near the bowling alley. The person was concerned due to the icy roads. Officers responded.

• At 9:23 p.m. a person reported a stray dog came through the doggy door at her house. Officer spoke with the person.



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