Potential government shutdown causes uncertainty for Montana’s farmers and ranchers

Montana Farmers Union President Alan Merrill issued the following statement this week:

“The U.S. Congress’ inability to agree on how to fund the government causes uncertainty and potential hardship across the country.

Depending on how long the shutdown lasts, farmers and ranchers will not be able to receive any loans for programs they have applied for and it is possible that payments for loans already approved could be delayed. This delay could be especially problematic for beginning farmers and ranchers.

No funding for the Farm Service Agency could mean that many services will be delayed or interrupted for farmers, ranchers, and associated customers. For example, this includes, but is not limited to, FSA’s commodity price support activities and commodity loans, farm loans, disaster assistance, and conservation programs.

MFU urges Congress to quit pandering to the vocal few and begin real and substantive work on behalf of all American citizens.”



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