Prime, a poem

Madison Lewis
Fergus High School



I’ve turned lots of circles.

But never too many at once,

It makes life blurry.

When you’re little

You spin until you fall down

In a fit of laughter.

To spin for fun, to laugh

To be young and dizzy.

Children spin.

Spinning and turning are not the same.

Adults turn.

You turn into reality.

To be an adult is to always turn.

I used to think I could spin forever.

But I seem to have forgotten how.

I used to spin when I lived

Next to the real life Barbie Dream House.

I used to spin in front of

The picture windows, pretending

I ruled the world.

I used to spin when my

Life was full of color and sun.

When I would lay on the big white carpet,

In the sun through the picture windows.


I don’t know how to spin anymore.

Now all I can do is turn.

Turn left, turn right.

Left, left, right, left, right.

I turn in solid, bland colors,

My skies are hazy.



If I turn fast enough

I can almost see the sun again.



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