Rain brings muddy mess to Grass Range School

Doreen Heintz

Unfortunately some of the mud made its way into the Grass Range School.

Recent rains make the street in front of Grass Range School a muddy mess.
Photos by Doreen Heintz

Everyone in Grass Range was very excited to see the moisture come in the past couple of weeks--that is until the road in front of the Grass Range School became a muddy quagmire.
The football field is across the road from the school. When fans from Grass Range, Winnett, Roy and Winifred gathered for the Rangers’ homecoming game on Saturday, almost everyone had to walk through the slimy mud to get to the field. Then after the contest, fans moved from the field to the Grass Range gymnasium, bringing with them lots of muddy shoes.
“I wish I could tell everyone to take off their shoes when they enter the building,” said Grass Range Athletic Director Verna Jessen. “It is really hard to keep the mud out of the gym.”
A call to the Fergus County Road Department Monday morning provided some light on the abundance of mud.
“Before school started we took up the pavement from the road as it was causing problems due to cracks and breaks,” said John Anderson, supervisor of the Road Department. “We put down millings in place of the pavement. Unfortunately, two inches of rain will do that to a road that has been milled.
“We are going out there tomorrow (Tuesday) and add more millings to the road,” added Anderson. “Once we get the new millings packed down, the road should be in very good shape.”
Anderson said he became aware of the problem on Saturday when he drove through Grass Range on his way home from Billings. He added that he also got a phone call from Grass Range School Superintendent Joe Gaylord about the problem on Monday morning.



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