Randall ‘Randy’ Frank Pospisil

Randall Frank Pospisil (Randy), 57, passed away at 9:40 a.m. on Nov. 21, 2017 at a Dallas Texas hospital.

He was born in Lewistown on Jan. 27, 1960 to parents Frank and Emily Pospisil, Jr., who resided in Moore until the late 1960s, then moved to Texas. Randy was mostly raised in Leonard, Texas.

His roots were of Bohemian descent, through his grandparents, Frank and Lillian Pospisil, Sr. They settled several miles outside of Moore. They were dedicated farmers and had a large, loving, close-knit family that influenced Randy’s kind-spirited, giving nature. Randy was a very hard worker, and a skilled carpenter and handyman, which he learned mostly from his father. Randy loved helping others, and was loved by everyone he knew.

Randy is survived by two sisters, Cindy Owens of Dallas, Texas, and Kathy Morgan of Royse City, Texas. He also has seven nieces and nephews, and many cousins, and is survived by aunts Lousie Angline, Dolores Berg, Sharlene Inglis and Linda Coker, and uncles Harry and Marvin Pospisil. 

Randy’s favorite church was in Bonham, Texas, and he attended when possible. He will be greatly missed by all.



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