Remington Luther, Judith Gap’s titan


Remington Luther takes center stage to sing at Judith Basin Public Schools’ 2016 Christmas concert.

Photo courtesy of Annette Hart

Remington Luther stands as the Tri-City Titan at one the team’s games.

Photo courtesy of Annette Hart

Remington Luther has been around Montana, and he’s been around some of the state’s schools, too. While Judith Gap may not hold any records on his list, he doesn’t mind spending his last high school year there.

“I started out in Judith Gap, so it’s kind of nice to return to where I started out,” he said.

Remington even helps cheer the school on. Well, in a way.

“I’m helping with cheerleading: I’m helping with the stunts,” he said.

Remington explained he assists the cheer squad with moves like the human pyramid. He admitted he might have been prodded into helping, although it didn’t take much convincing.

“My girlfriend wanted me to help her out with it, “ he said. “That, and I’m the team mascot.”

Remington plays the Tri-City Titan, the mascot of the co-oped Hobson, Moore and Judith Gap schools. His costume consists of the Titan’s head, bracers, boots and belt. There is a body suit available, but it was a little small.

“It’s mainly because of my size,” he explained. “I’m 6’6”, and I’m more or less the ‘titan’ of the school.”

While he puts energy into Judith Gap extracurriculars, he does enjoy parts of the school day, too. Reading and writing may not be everyone’s favorite, but Remington has a few solid reasons for liking English class.

“Part of it’s our teacher, he’s a pretty great guy,” he said. “I also got into reading at a young age.”

Now Remington has added writing to his list of reasons he likes the course.

“I’m sort of just all over the place,” he said, referring to his stories’ subjects. “I just get an idea and I write it down.”

Remington’s also “all over the place” with music: he likes to sing more than play an instrument, but his song choice is whatever catches his attention. Like reading, his taste for song started at an early age.

“When I was younger, my sister would always sing and write her own songs, so I just started singing with her, and I got into singing,” he said.

Outside of school, and its extracurricular cheering, Remington doesn’t have a lot of free time. So where will you find him?

“If I’m not in school, I’m usually helping my dad up at the ranch,” he said.

He does have two siblings, but both are older, leaving Remington as the go-to child on Luther Ranch. He described his main jobs as feeding animals and helping his dad fix things around the property.

Remington may not enjoy ranch work, but his family and family values have already helped shape his future.

“I’m planning on maybe enrolling in the military after college, and then enrolling in law enforcement,” he said. “In my family, we generally just try to help people as much as we can, so I figured I would just try to become a police officer to help with that.”


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