Removing statues doesn’t erase history

Dear Editor,

Trying to erase our history from the landscape and textbooks doesn’t change what happened in the past. What’s next? The statue of the Great Thinker because we don’t know what he’s thinking? 

The definition of irony is the progressive left tearing down statues of (wait for it) Democrats. And let’s not forget the blubbering praising from Bill Clinton’s eulogy for a Grand Cyclops of the Klan, Senator Robert Byrd from West Virginia.

Demolishing half of Mount Rushmore will accomplish nothing. What’s next, the statue of Liberty for gender inequality? At what point does all this become just a show of who can tear down the most stuff to destroy this country our brave veterans fought for? Statues or Congress -- have you seen either do anything lately?

 Trying to sterilize our past will not lead to a cleaner future. The Communist Black Panthers/Black Lives Matter/The Resistance/Weather Underground, to name a few, and the global George Soros-funded  Progressive Socialist parties’ hands are just as dirty with a larger social media platform with the help of 90 percent of main stream media. 

Think about it, does burning the books really remove the words that were written?

Joe Stoltz




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