Ruined sod adds cost for wedding party

Jenny Gessaman
Fergus County Fair Commission Chairman Paul Huff was unhappy.

“One thing that we need to mention about that wedding that was here . . . is what they did to the grass,” he said.

Huff’s statement opened a discussion on the damage and consequent reparations from a recent wedding at the Fergus County Fairgrounds. Although fairgrounds staff showed the wedding party where to park, and gave them keys to gates in case more parking space was needed, vehicles drove over new sod.

“That sod was expensive and we spent a lot of time putting it down,” Huff said.

“They took down the cording,” Office and Grounds Administrator Faith Robertson added. “It was corded off.”

Robertson read the rental contract’s damage clause out loud, noting it allowed the fairgrounds to keep a cleaning and damage deposit, as well as charge for any costs in excess of the deposit amount.

The Fergus County Fair Commission approved a motion to keep the wedding party’s $187 deposit, and to charge an additional $500 for damages.

“I think that you’re going to have to do some leveling, and maybe hauling some dirt in, and some reseeding, and rolling maybe,” Commission member Gene Meier said.

In other business
• The commission approved a total of $210,903.97 in claims.
• Gene Meier hired Pippi the clown for the 2021 and 2022 Central Montana fairs.
“If by then you don’t want her, all you have to do is cancel it, but we had to get her in or else we’d never get her,” Meier explained.
• The fair commission voted to donate the old announcer booth, minus its new door, to the Grass Range Rodeo Club.
• Office and Grounds Administrator Faith Robertson reported the Central Montana Foundation approved using the $1,000 left over from the grandstand handrail project to fund the auto barrier wall.
• The commission reviewed the fairgrounds calendar, including the High School Rodeo on August 19-21.
• Gene Meier reported the new Fergus County Fairgrounds marquis sign should be completed by fair time.
• The Fergus County Fair Commission unanimously approved the new location for the Civilian Conservation Corps Camp Memorial.



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