S.A.F.E. means saving animals from euthanasia

Dear Editor,

We are an organization working with the County to rescue and place dogs and cats that have been picked up outside the city limits and would otherwise be euthanized within three days. People don’t realize animals in the country are not allowed to be placed and held in the City animal shelter. The County has no such facility, and we are hoping to assist them with finding homes for these animals or reunite them with their owners.

We have entered into a contract with Sheriff Eades. When they bring an animal in, they call us to pick the animal up. We will house them for three days, so the owners have time to claim them. The County has agreed to pay boarding fees for the three days. After that time, our organization will try to adopt the animals out. Presently we have several people who are willing to foster these animals, and we are always looking for other kind souls to help.

If, after several weeks, the animals do not adopt out, we have an agreement with the Heart of the Valley animal shelter in Bozeman to take the animals if they have the space. This is a no-kill shelter and aligns with our philosophy that every animal deserves to find a forever home; however, this requires transporting the animals to Bozeman, which is an additional expense.

We are applying for our 501(c)(3) non-profit status in order to have resources and funds to assist with the medical attention these animals may need, as well as offset the cost of housing, feed, transportation, etc.

For further information, you can contact us at s.a.f.e.01802@gmail.com or visit us on Facebook at SafeLewistownMt.

Peggy Butler




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