Savannah Hildreth enjoying senior year at Moore


Savannah Hildreth looks to play basketball for Tri-City while attending her senior year in high school at Moore.  

Photo by Doreen Heintz




Savannah Hildreth is enjoying her final year of high school at Moore. 

“I was born and raised in Utah,” said Savannah. “Then I moved with my family to Salmon, Idaho. From there it was on to Dillon. I don’t like going to school in Dillon very much, so decided to come live with my sister here in Moore for my senior year of high school.” 

Savannah seems to be fitting right in. She is one of 11 seniors at Moore. She also just began basketball practice with the rest of the Lady Titans on Thursday.

“The people are really nice here,” said Savannah, “and the basketball team is awesome.”

Besides playing basketball, Savannah enjoys spending time with her family. Her parents are Grant and Debbie Hildreth, and they still live in Dillon. Savannah has three brothers and two sisters, all older than her. 

“My oldest brother is 12 years older than I am,” added Savannah, “while my youngest brother is two years older than I am.”

Savannah is having a busy year in the classroom. Her classes include government, senior English, trigonometry, family living, cooking, and Spanish. Savannah is taking Spanish through the Montana Digital Academy.

“I like the class,” she said about taking it online. “At the beginning of each week we get a list of Spanish vocabulary words. Throughout the week we then do different activities, using the words we are to learn. It can be anything from matching the words to what they describe to writing sentences using the words.”

Savannah explained the reason she is taking a foreign language in high school - it is a requirement to have a foreign language where she wants to go to college next year.

“I want to attend Brigham Young University-Idaho in Rexburg,” she said. “It is an LDS school. I chose to attend BYU-Idaho because I like being around people with my standards.”

Savannah is a member of the LDS church and enjoys attending youth activities in Lewistown every Wednesday evening at the church. 

Savannah plans to study early childhood education in college. This past summer she stayed busy cleaning houses and apartments her grandparents rent in Dillon.

“Don’t stress too much about school.” Savannah said when asked what advice she would give to a student entering high school. “It goes by really fast – enjoy your high school time.”  


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