School Lunch Menus

Central Montana Head Start Menu Oct. 16-20


Central Montana Head Start menu is as follows:

B=breakfast, S=snack, L=lunch. All meals are served with 1 percent milk.

Monday – B. Cream of Wheat, peaches, milk. L. Beef tips and noodles, cucumbers, tropical fruit, milk. S. Broccoli, cheese stick, water.

Tuesday – B. Yogurt, granola, seasonal berries, milk. L. Turkey and cheese sandwich, peppers, grapes, milk. S. Apple, cracker, water.

Wednesday – B. Blueberry bread, applesauce, milk. L. Potato and ham soup with veggies, rolls, oranges, milk. S. Snap peas, pretzels, water.

Thursday – No Head Start.

Friday – No Head Start.


CMHS participates in the Child and Adult Food Care Program with the State of Montana.


Lewistown School Menu Oct. 16-20


The Lewistown Public School lunch menu for all school buildings is as follows:

Monday – Chicken and noodles, corn, baby carrots, grape cluster

Tuesday – Crispy chicken patty, fettuccine Alfredo, glazed carrots, pepper strips and celery, orange wedges

Wednesday – Chili with crackers, broccoli and cauliflower, strawberries and bananas, cinnamon roll

Thursday – No school

Friday – No school


Junior high and high school lunch menus include an alternate entrée: Monday – Big Daddy pizza; Tuesday – hamburger on a bun; Wednesday – French bread pizza; Thursday – No school; Friday – No school.

Grab ‘n Go meals are available and include sandwich and salad choices each day. Grab ‘n Go meals include milk and cost the same as a hot lunch.



Breakfast is served for 30 minutes before the first bell of the school day. The menu includes:

Monday – Yogurt parfait with fruit, Scooby Doo snacks

Tuesday – Cold cereal, chocolate chip muffin, juice

Wednesday – Breakfast pup with syrup, banana

Thursday – No school

Friday – No school


Milk is served with breakfast and lunch. Milk choices: 8-ounce carton of no-fat chocolate milk, 1 percent white milk or no-fat white milk.

Breakfast juice choices include 4-ounce servings of apple juice, grape juice or orange juice.

The breakfast bar for Lewistown Junior High and Fergus High schools consists of an entrée and a serving each of fruit or juice and milk. Students may choose one item from each category.

Menu subject to change due to price and availability of products. All meals meet USDA guidelines.



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