The Senior Class of 2017 shares thoughts and memories

Carlee Marquart and Rush Thomas
Fergus High Journalism Students

As the seniors head toward their final days of high school, they were surveyed over the past few weeks to find out their future plans, what their best memories were, and what advice they had for underclassmen. Out of a total of 78 seniors, 56 responded. While the majority of seniors are eager to be leaving, many are going to miss the environment.

When asked what plans they had after high school, the popular vote answered that they planned to go to college right after high school. However, a small group of students answered they will spend some recreational time pursuing a dream, travelling, etc., and an even smaller group will be going into the workforce after graduation.

The seniors were asked what type of education they plan on pursuing after high school. While a larger amount of the students plan on attending the traditional four-year college, there are also many other students that want to pursue a one-year program or six-year degree.

When asked what their favorite class was and if it would help with a planned career, most seemed to have a favorite, or one that they found relevant to their future pursuits. A variety of classes were listed in the survey, such as culinary, drama, art, math and ag. One class students seemed to favor was English with Ms. Smith, because she taught students to think for themselves and look past the obvious. They also felt that she treated them as equals and with respect. Another portion said they enjoyed English with Mrs. C. Another enjoyed their teacher aide period with Mrs. Trafton because she is “laid back and cool.”

A couple of students mentioned the AM weight training class, and one student said the class helped boost their confidence. Students in the survey also mentioned Spanish because of how great the learning environment was for them. Finally, the last student enjoyed U.S. history because they liked the way Mr. Henderson taught. Among the classes that would help with a student’s specific career choice, chemistry, calculus, math, vo-ag and accounting were the most selected.

Seniors were also asked about their memorable experiences throughout high school. One response was the time when someone ran down the hallways dressed as William Wallace from “Braveheart” screaming “freedom.”

Another was the time when someone attempted to break the dead-lifting record.

Another recollection mentioned was when someone set up an air horn in Mr. Elliott’s desk and watched it go off.

At least two different students said they enjoyed school sports.

The final question of the survey asked the seniors if they had any kind of advice for underclassmen. One response was, “Don’t take your high school years for granted, because they go by fast. Always work as hard as you can and don’t take the easy way out.”

Another said, “Get homework done, listen to your teachers, and for the love of God, please use deodorant. No one needs to smell your sweaty pits. A little cologne [or] perfume goes a long way, my friends.”

Finally, “Stop letting petty things break out into fights and look at the bigger picture of life. Don’t be so focused on yourself that you hurt others, intentionally or unintentionally. Get off your phones and actually interact with the people around you. Be very careful of what choices you make, the friends you keep, and how you act because it is not what you said that someone will remember, but it is how you made them feel that will last. Make good choices that you can live with and choose to be happy each day. Have respect for one another and respect each other’s choices and don’t do anything you will regret down the road.”

We wish the best of luck to our upcoming seniors and happy trails to all of the graduating seniors.



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