Seven Hoppers attain Junior Olympian status

Charlie Denison

Last month, seven Lewistown Hoppers traveled to Denver, where they qualified as Junior Olympians, placing in all of their individual and group events.
Photo courtesy of Loraine Day

Last month, seven of the Lewistown Hoppers went to Denver, Colorado, where they competed in the Amateur Athletic Union Junior Olympic qualifier.
“Every team member did a personal best with every speed event,” Hoppers Coach Loraine Day said in a post on Facebook. “Natalie Day and Zoe Seaford took first with pairs freestyle and also both placed in individual freestyle.”
Loraine said she couldn’t be happier with the team, as “all jumpers qualified and are now considered Junior Olympians.” Team members include Natalie Day, Ethan Day, Owen Day, Madelyn Kirsch, Zoe Seaford, Helen Bolton and Kayla Jensen.
“Every jumper placed in all of their individual and group events,” Loraine said in an email to the News-Argus. “The kids are more than thrilled.”
Ethan, a Hopper for the past seven and a half years, said he also couldn’t be happier with his team’s effort.
“It was really pretty satisfying,” he said. “ It’s one of the best feelings in the world to push through and overcome the obstacles together as a team. It felt great.”
Ethan and the rest of the team are also excited for what’s next, as the Hoppers are now preparing to compete in the Junior Olympic Games in Detroit, Michigan in July.
Before they head there, Ethan said the group plans to hold a mini-competition and performance at the Civic Center Friday, June 2.
“We will be doing a lot of shows before the competition,” he said. “We might have done well in Denver, but we aren’t done yet: out of the frying pan and into the fire.”
Ethan said he greatly appreciates the community for all their support and he looks forward to many more performances this year and next as a Hopper. Even after graduating, he has a feeling he’ll stay involved, as he believes will be the case for Kirsch, who is a senior.
“You’re never not a Hopper anymore,” Ethan said. “We always welcome old jumpers back. Just come to practice.”



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