Sexual revolution has ramifications

Dear Editor,

The 1960s heralded in and celebrated the all-out arrival of the sexual revolution. We could now have sex whenever we wanted with whomever we wanted, married or not married, without consequences. It was wonderful. Many of one sex assumed the other sex was as eager to participate as they were. The mainstream TV programs promoted this revolution. Our young people were led to believe they must be physically/sexually attractive or they are of no value.

To make things even better, in 1973 abortion was made legal in our land. Now if the “without consequences” of the sexual revolution failed, we could now take care of it.

The ramifications of this revolution are still reeling, and the results being measured.

Now people are being accused and condemned without real proof. This is like the French revolution. Accuse and send to the guillotine. It was a blood bath.

Now it is being revealed parts of babies who were aborted are being sold for over 1,000 percent profit.

Although abortion was supposed to be hidden and of no lasting effect, it has proven not so.

Thank God, Lewistown has a Pregnancy Outreach Center on the corner of First Avenue and Brassey for the help of women with unwanted pregnancies. They also make available wonderful healing programs for those who have suffered from having an abortion mentally and/or spiritually.

Check it out.

Pat Irish




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