She shoots, she scores: Hobson’s Kaitlyn Anderson strives towards her goals

Christina Clinton |
News-Argus Staff

Dog-lover Kaitlyn cuddles with a canine family member, Ollie.

Photo courtesy of Kaitlyn Anderson




October-born Kaitlyn Anderson, who’ll turn 17 later this month, hasn’t changed her goals for this year with school now in session. Self-empowerment is important to this Hobson teen, and she tries to apply it in everything she does.

“My goal every year,” said Kaitlyn, who identifies well with her Libra sun sign, “is just to better myself as a person, whether through school work or personal life.”

Kaitlyn said she accomplishes this by keeping herself educated and aware, her empathy on high, and also, she said she strives toward her goals by, “not only focusing on getting straight-As, but setting goals that mean something to me. I try to do the best I can with my relationships, learn from the situations, and make the best of them. I try to positively influence the people around me.”

One of those goals, for Kaitlyn, is fashion, and it’s a field she can definitely see wanting a career in. “I love fashion more than anything in this world. Love clothes, love styles, love everything about it. Besides art, it’s my passion. I don’t know [yet] what I want to do with my life, maybe cosmetology, but something in the art field. Fashion or beauty.”

As far as one of life’s goals, for Kaitlyn, in a word, that goal is Iceland.

“The past three years I’ve been obsessed with Iceland,” she said with infectious enthusiasm. “It’s my passion. I’ve taken a lot of time to study it. I’m teaching myself Icelandic. I love the culture and the people, and it’s definitely a life goal to make it there.”

Before she does, however, the holiday season approaches. For Kaitlyn, it’s a time of year to greet with gusto, and very difficult to select a preferred celebration out of the many to choose from.

“Autumn is my favorite season,” Kaitlyn said. “I love Halloween. You get to dress up as whatever you want and get free candy.” Thanksgiving is not to be outdone for Kaitlyn, as she added with a laugh, “Thanksgiving... you get to visit family and eat and get bloated beyond belief.”

However, after consideration, the young lady with a birthday so close to All Hallow’s Eve admitted, “My absolute favorite is Christmas. Not just the giving and receiving gifts – though I love to do both – the aesthetic of that time of year, and the feel of the season.”

After Christmas comes the New Year, and though October enjoys its due, 2018 is right around the corner. While Kaitlyn stated not a lot happened in 2017, something did, in fact, stand out for her.

“My personal confidence and self-love [increased exponentially] this year. I’m more comfortable with myself and my friends. My relationships with everyone improved as a result,” she said.

She relates this self-improvement to an anime movie that came out in 1989, “Kiki’s Delivery Service.” While it wasn’t Kaitlyn’s favorite movie –”I wouldn’t say that,” she said – she connected with its message.

“I really like the message it has,” Kaitlyn said. “Kiki [a witch] starts a delivery business; she delivers packages to people’s houses and makes an impact. But she gets so caught up in it that it affects her ability to fly. Then she meets an artist lady who teaches her that sometimes you go through phases in your creative passions and sometimes you need to take a break. So Kiki took a break from her broom, and she was able to regain her passion for flying.”

“I’m an artist,” Kaitlyn mused, “and I like to think I’m pretty good. I like to draw. Sometimes you get caught up and lose that creative ability and you need a break. So give yourself one, and it will come back to you.”

“Self-care is one of the greatest things anyone can do for themselves,” Kaitlyn added. “So many people disregard and forget it. But it not only helps you better yourself; it helps those around you. If you’ve got nothing else, you have nothing to help other people.”

Helping one’s self in order to help others is important to Kaitlyn, and that includes accepting people for who they are. “Accept people for who they are as long as they aren’t hurting themselves or those around them. You should be able to live your life the way you want to,” the sage teen said.

“I hope it doesn’t sound cheesy,” Kaitlyn added, “but if I had to give advice, just love. Stop being caught up in how smart we are and how much money we have. We shut people out. At the end of the day, all we have are the people we love. The less hate you have, the happier you’ll be. Don’t let conflicts control you. People are more important than materialistic items. We need to treat people like they are worth something.”


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