Sheriff's log

Compiling reporter

The following report is taken from information provided by the Fergus County Sheriff’s Department and does not represent the total scope of the sheriff’s department’s activity. All persons are innocent until proven guilty.

Nov. 9

• At 7:39 a.m. a man called in a young mountain lion stalking his house. He added he’d spoken to Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks about similar events before.

• At 8:56 a.m. a woman reported people on her property. They were blocking her in, and she felt targeted. The dispatcher said Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks wasn’t targeting her, the agency was just trying to corner a nearby mountain lion. The woman still felt upset about the situation.

• At 10:33 a.m. a person was moved from Cascade County detention to the Fergus County Jail for an upcoming court appearance. The person was originally arrested for three criminal possession of dangerous drug charges, including one for marijuana and one for opiates or meth, as well as two charges of criminal possession of drug paraphernalia. They were also being held on charges in Cascade County: theft, criminal endangerment, resisting arrest, stop sign violation, fleeing a peace officer, driving while suspended or revoked, fail to carry insurance and civil contempt.


Nov. 10

• At 8:41 a.m. a business owner reported a break-in. She arrived that morning to find the back door locked but open, and evidence someone had been sick all over. The woman added it looked to possibly come from the store’s wine.

• At 11:13 a.m. Central Montana Dispatch relayed an erratic-driver call. An older driver in a black truck reportedly drove into the wrong lane, almost forcing two other vehicles off the road.

• At 1:56 p.m. a caller reported a possible drunk driver. A woman who drove a truck with a damaged front end would stop in the middle of the road until the caller drove around her. The caller added this was a frequent occurrence.

• At 6:54 p.m. a man requested to speak to a deputy. His ex-girlfriend kept driving by his house, and the man was sure she was responsible for keying his truck in the past. A deputy told him a patrol could drive by the area, but this was a civil matter. He recommended getting an order of protection.


Nov. 11

• At 8:47 a.m. an assisted living facility reported a deer with a dangling leg. A deputy responded. After looking over the animal, he reported the deer did have a bum leg, but it wasn’t suffering and had no problem getting around.

• At 11:18 a.m. a call came in about an accident between an Amish horse-and-buggy and a parked truck. The caller added the Amish man was still at the scene, but the horse had run away. A deputy arrived and said there was quite a bit of damage. He later explained the buggy’s driver had tied up his horse, but the animal had gotten free, been spooked and then ran the buggy into the truck.


Nov. 12

• At 7:23 a.m. a woman called in about suspicious vehicles. Two nights before, a truck pulled into her driveway. She turned on her light, and the vehicle revved, backed into her yard and took off. At 3 a.m. the night before, a car pulled in, seemingly with the passenger door open. Her husband went outside in the morning to check if people were stealing gas, but only found footprints.

• At 9:15 a.m. a man reported trespassers. The outfitters he’d given permission to saw other people who were driving through the man’s property.



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