Sick of the smoke? Not at Smokey Bro’s


The Smokey Bro’s staff shows off their new menu and new rig Wednesday afternoon. From left to right, Jake Questo, Greg Grobes and Travis Hill.

Photo by Jenny Gessaman

Something different. Something unique. And something people will buy. That was the prompt that created Smokey Bro’s, one of Lewistown’s new food trucks this summer.

“Lewistown needed something new, and it’s smoke,” Jake Questo said. “Who doesn’t love smoke?”

Questo is the food truck’s “face:” He’s the one most customers will find waiting at the window. It’s a post he took up after realizing he needed a career change.

“I got tired of working for the man,” he said.

Now he’s joined up with cooks Greg Groves and Travis Hill to bring some change to the local bill of fare. All three men have experience smoking meats, and both chefs have a background in food service. The group designed a set menu boasting monthly features for Smokey Bro’s.

“We have a different feature once a month to keep variety and keep it fresh,” Hill said.

The basis of the menu, and the food truck’s name, is smoke.

“We do smokehouse-BBQ type food,” Groves explained.

Smokey Bro’s offers sides such as homemade fries, and gives a choice of cold drinks, but the essence of its offerings are flatbread sandwiches crafted from home-smoked meats.

“We’ll prep it a couple days beforehand, smoking it and getting it all sliced up,” Questo said.

The food truck first brought smoke to Lewistown’s menu two months ago, and all three men agree: It’s been a warm reception.

“We’ve done pretty awesome, starting from nothing,” Questo said.

“It’s not bad for being eight-weeks-old,” Hill agreed.

Smokey Bro’s is open for lunch and dinner Tuesday through Saturday. The truck also plans to make appearances at local events. As fall approaches, though, the three are hoping to find a more permanent home for their new venture.

“We’re going to try and get into a building,” Questo said.

For more information, including hours, locations and contact info, search Smokey Bro’s on Facebook.



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