Sisters on the Fly take on the Lewis and Clark Trail

Over 70 vintage and decorated trailers, part of the Sisters on the Fly outdoor group, will visit Lewistown Sunday. The group is following the Lewis and Clark trail.

Photo courtesy of Sisters on the Fly

Group will visit Lewistown Sunday

One hundred and fifteen members of Sisters on the Fly, which calls itself “the largest outdoor women’s group in the U.S.,” will embark on a journey of exploration on a great summer road trip following the Lewis and Clark Trail, including a stop in Lewistown, from May 22 – June 21.

About 70 trailers (vintage and new) will be traveling through Lewistown on their way to Fort Benton from Miles City this Sunday, June 4 around noon. Fort Benton is the seventh stop in the adventure. The travelers will no doubt be refueling and stretching in Lewistown before continuing on to Fort Benton through Denton. 

Local sisters Vicki Kottas, Sister #2,968 and Lisa Fergason will be welcoming them at the Lewistown museum with bottles of Big Spring water and a snack.

The Lewis and Clark Trail summer road trip will bring new perspectives as the Sisters explore an integral part of the country’s expansion from sea to sea. This trip, while much longer than most of the hundreds of Sisters On The Fly camping, fishing, and horseback riding trips that take place every year, will bring together women who share the love of adventure and the outdoors. The organization, started by real life sisters Maurrie Sussman and Becky Clarke over 20 years ago, now has a membership roster of over 8,500.

“When Sisters on the Fly began in 1998, we were getting together to camp and fish. It is so amazing that today, almost 20 years later, the community is still together and forming events on such a grand scale,” said Maurrie Sussman, founder of Sisters on the Fly. “It’s a testament not just to their sense of adventure, but to the way they come together to make something fabulous happen.”

To join the adventure, sign up to be a sister at There is an annual membership fee that grants exclusive access to conversations, calendar of events, activities, member directories and community of support.

For more specific information on the Sisters On The Fly Lewis and Clark Expedition, please text, call or email Linda Davis, who will put you in touch with a local Sister On The Fly hostess and event coordinator.

For more information on Sisters On The Fly, please contact Georgia Petit, (917) 751-8229, or


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