Sixth-grader excels at selling

Lewis and Clark sixth-grader Anna Gremaux stands next to her eight boxes of sold merchandise for the Lewistown Elementary PTO Great American Fundraiser.

This past couple of weeks the community of Lewistown has received their merchandise they purchased from Lewistown Public School’s students. The money raised from the Great American purchases goes to the Lewistown Elementary Parent Teacher Organization. Teachers use this money for classroom items, school field trips, and student rewards, just to name a few.  

Anna Gremaux is a sixth grader at Lewis and Clark Elementary in Mr. Buehler’s class. This year Anna sold over $2,000 worth of merchandise to her customers. She is dedicated to helping her customers find items for the holidays. Anna has quite the operation when she is in sales mode. First, she calls over 60 of her customers to set up appointments to go to their house or work to meet with them. Then, at their appointed time, she spends at least 15 minutes with each customer to make sure they get exactly what they want. When the schools receive the merchandise, it is up to the students to disperse the items to their customers. When Anna delivers the items, she also sends a thank you note to each customer. Anna’s Grandma Marilyn drives her to almost all of her customers, both to make the sale and then to deliver the items.

This is not a new thing for Anna. She started selling Great American items in the second grade, when she sold $2,167 worth of merchandise. Anna has consistently sold over $2,000 each year, and her top year was her fifth grade year when she sold $2,772.50 of Great American items.  During her time fundraising for the school district Anna Gremaux has accumulated over $10,000.  She has helped many students go on multiple field trips, and many teachers purchase educational tools for their classroom.  Lewistown Public Schools commends Anna Gremaux for a job well done.



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