Small town kid with hopes to make it big


Jordan Nees stands outside Moore Public School, the institution that fostered his love of football.

Photo courtesy of Kody Tyler



For most of us, playing football isn’t something we see ourselves doing after high school. For Jordan Nees, it’s all he wants to think about.

When asked if he thought he could make it in the sport, he had a positive response. 

“Yes, because I believe that people can do whatever they set their minds to, and with hard work and determination anything is possible,” he said.

Nees has the perfect mindset to succeed, and he works hard everyday, whether he is in the weight room or on the field. He believes no matter what life looks like, people can become whatever they want. He said it is up to individuals to determine what they want to do with their lives, and, if people believe they can make it, nothing should be able to bring them down.

Nees has considered what he would do if he didn’t make it in football: comedy.

“I like the feeling of making people laugh, and it shows that there is happiness in the world,” he said.

As the reporter, I especially love this response because it shows how much Nees cares about people, and that he loves living in a world with happiness. This is something all people should listen to because life’s too short to go around with heads slumped down. People should look at everything in a positive way.

While interviewing Nees, I learned a lot. He showed me anything is possible when people put their minds to it. I think Nees has a lot of potential, and I’m sure he is going places in life. Even if his career choices don’t work out, I know that life will work out for him.

So just remember, when you are feeling like you’ll never achieve anything, you are the one who decides whether you make it big or not. If you lose your hope, you won’t be able to succeed. Don’t forget that when you’re going through life and you get knocked down, you should believe you are good enough. Whatever you believe in, you can achieve.

Nees thinks that anything is possible, and, if you put your mind to it, you should too.



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