Sniffing out scientists at the Moore Science Fair


Judges Emily and Logan Standley look over their scoring sheets before the opening of the Moore Science Fair Tuesday morning. Science teacher David Chalmers reached out to groups and businesses across Central Montana for judge volunteers, including Spika Manufacturing, the Montana Rangelands Partnership and Great Falls’ U.S. Army Recruiting Center.

Photo by Jenny Gessaman

Judge Troy Eades talks to Judge Jason Grover about seventh-grader Dylan Morris’ project on the melting points of metals Tuesday. Morris was excited by his project: “I’ve always been interested in metal building and heat,” he said. “So I decided this year I was going to do a project I was going to enjoy.”

Photo by Jenny Gessaman

Alli McDonald, Moore eighth-grader, explains her science project to Judge Rhonda Long during the Moore Science Fair Tuesday. McDonald studied the effects of detergent on fire-resistant clothing after several hand washes with the cleaning liquid.

Photo by Jenny Gessaman

Moore Science Fair Results

Senior Division (Grades 9-12)
1st: Brandon Bergum
2nd: Kaitlyn Weinheimer
3rd: Jessica Horan
4th: Mami Hertel
5th: Breanna Bergum

Elementary Division (Grades 7-8)
1st: Alli McDonald
2nd: JC Gilbert
3rd: Donni Barman
4th: Lane McDonald

Overall Grand Prize Winner
Jessica Horan



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