Snow removal is a matter of public safety

Dear Editor,

It is winter in Central Montana, and some years we get a lot of snow. The recent snow event and the impassable city streets and lack of parking need to be addressed immediately.

The City should have been out plowing the streets this past weekend, as the NWS correctly predicted the big snow event. I’m not interested in hearing it was on a weekend and the City couldn’t send out the snow removal crews. City employees need to be told there are certain times they will be required to work on weekends and holidays. They could be given comp time during the summer and fall months.

This is a matter of public safety. Why are we paying taxes to provide for medical and retirement benefits for City employees when they are home when they should be out serving the residents (taxpayers)? City management and the City Commission need to rethink their obligations and responsibilities to those they serve.

Tom Darnell




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