Snowy Mountain Campers come back to life

Doreen Heintz

Darren Morgan works on an Ice Cave at the Snowy Mountain Campers shop located at 1102 Crowley Ave.

Glen Pegg shows how easy it is to open up the Ice Cave so one can comfortably ice fish from it.                                                          Photos by Doreen Heintz

In 1960 Don and Kay Pegg began their adventure into building pickup campers right here in Lewistown. Their business continued through the 1990s. Now their son, Glen, and Glen’s son-in-law Darren Morgan are revitalizing Snowy Mountain Campers.
“The design has changed dramatically,” said Pegg at the shop at 1102 Crowley Ave., where he and Morgan are building new prototype campers. “After we had restored some of the older campers, we decided we could do better.”
Just like his parents had built high quality campers at a reasonable price, Pegg is looking at building a basic type camper that can be pulled by a car.
“We also looked to build something an avid outdoorsman could use,” said Pegg. “We also know young families can not afford the big RVs, so we are attempting to build ones that are affordable.”
After Pegg’s first attempt, he went back to the drawing board.
“I re-engineered the entire camper,” he said, “as I wanted to build something that stands above other campers on the market.”
Many Central Montana residents got their first opportunity to see Pegg’s work during the recent Central Montana Fair.
Two of the new designs are named Half Moon and the Ice Cave.
The Half Moon could be called a yurt on wheels. It is very basic with only carpeting on the floor of the well-made camper. It only weighs 600 pounds, so it can even be pulled behind a motorcycle.
What sets the campers apart from others is how structurally sound they are.
“When we build the wall panels, three layers are put together: aluminum on the outside, insulation and real wood for the inside.
“There is no plastic in any of our campers,” said Pegg. “These campers will not leak as we use 3M VHB tape and 3M marine grade adhesive sealant. The bottom of the campers, which is called the belly pan, is completely aluminum. There is insulation throughout the camper.”
Pegg and Morgan are building the campers by themselves, except for some of the aluminum welding and powder coating. Then they look to local help whenever possible.
“Spika Welding and HCR have both helped us,” said Pegg. “We try to use them as much as possible, except if they get too busy we might have to outsource a couple of jobs.”
The Ice Cave is being built with ice fishing in mind. This type of camper is a little bigger and part of it rolls up when on the ice so a person can stand up in it.
“The Amish are making the cabinets for the Ice Cave out of walnut or oak,” said Pegg. We want them to look nice and also withstand hard use.”
 Pegg and Morgan are looking to also build an off-road model with bigger tires. Their ideas are abundant, but they look to build a camper for what the customer wants.
Small campers can be built in about a week’s time, while larger campers will take a little longer to complete.
“I want to continue the tradition of building high-quality campers under the Snowy Mountain Camper name,” said Pegg.
To contact Pegg, call 406-366-9007. Morgan can be contacted at 406-366-5672. You  are also invited to watch them work at their shop located at 1102 Crowley Avenue in Lewistown. 



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