Some area temperatures too low for winter wheat planting

Montana experienced cooler temperatures this week, along with light moisture throughout most of the state, according to the Mountain Regional Field Office of the National Agricultural Statistics Service, USDA. High temperatures ranged from the mid-60s to the lower 80s. Low temperatures ranged from the high teens to 40 degrees.

Eighty-nine weather stations reported moisture. The highest amount of precipitation was recorded in Sidney with 0.62 inches of moisture. Soil moisture conditions were recorded with 57 percent of topsoil rated very-short to short, compared to 30 percent the previous year. Subsoil was rated 80 percent very-short to short, compared with 38 percent last year. Reporters noted that low temperatures had some growers turning off their irrigation systems.

Hard frosts were also reported, and reporters noted that temperatures in some areas were too low for planting of winter wheat, with poor germination. Winter wheat seeded was 53 percent complete, behind last year’s progress of 67 percent. Potato harvest was 35 percent complete, slightly ahead of last year’s progress of 28 percent. Corn for grain harvest was 14 percent complete, behind last year’s progress of 28 percent.



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