Special Olympics TORCH run in Lewistown Friday


The Special Olympics Torch Run athletes will be in place at the Kiwanis Rest Area west of town starting at 3 p.m. on Friday, May 5. The runners will head east down Main Street, ending at First Avenue. A barbecue will follow, in the CarQuest back parking lot, sponsored by local law enforcement.


Path of the Torch

• Patrick Yerman will start the run at Kiwanis Rest Area, passing the torch to Carson Patten at Snowy Mountain Motors.

• Carson Patten will run from Snowy Mountain Motors, passing the torch to Jay McGuire at Basin State Bank.

• Jay McGuire will run from Basin State Bank, passing the torch to Danny Selph at Entrance Avenue.

• Danny Selph will run from Entrance Avenue, passing the torch to Nathan Knox at 15th Avenue.

• Nathan Knox will run from 15th Avenue, passing the torch to Phil Wichman at 13th Avenue.

• Phil Wichman will run from 13th Avenue, passing the torch to Allisha Ayers at 11th Avenue.

• Allisha Ayers will run from 11th Avenue, passing the torch to Arthur Arriaga at Ninth Avenue.

• Arthur Arriaga will run from Ninth Avenue, passing the torch to Taryn Thompson at Seventh Avenue.

• Taryn Thompson will run from Seventh Avenue, passing the torch to Phil Huber at Sixth Avenue.

• Phil Huber will run from Sixth Avenue, passing the torch to Tiffany Jorgensen at Fifth Avenue.

• Tiffany Jorgensen will run from Fifth Avenue, passing the torch to Jess Arneson at Third Avenue.

• Jess Arneson will run from Third Avenue, passing the torch to Kenny Sather at Second Avenue.

• Kenny Sather, Nikki Rhein, Roger LaMoine, Kathy Dahl, Wanda Kolar, Amanda Thompson, Brian Jackson, Joey Rinaldi – all athletes together -- will end the run at CarQuest, passing the Torch to law enforcement officers.

Athletes who are able may continue walking down Main Street behind the torch runner.



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