Sponsor a ‘recycle trunk’ for school children

Dear Editor,

Earth Day is April 22, and a good day to think about and plan for the future generations that will be living on this big, beautiful, blue planet. The three Rs of reduce, reuse and recycle are a critical part of this plan as exponentially increasing populations and consumerism play a continuing role in the amount of garbage the world produces. Grownups don’t always see garbage as a problem; throw it in a container, it’s picked up and becomes someone else’s responsibility. Yes, you pay for that service, but in more ways than you realize. By not following the three Rs, we saddle our kids and future descendants with the burden of “where do you put it,” and at what cost to the pocketbook and natural resources.

The non-profit organization, Recycle Montana, actively promotes the three Rs education process by offering schools and organizations Recycling Education Trunks statewide. The trunks contain information for teachers including K through 12 user friendly digital lesson plans, recycling resources, fun hands-on aids including samples of glass and plastic cullet, recycled materials products, and miniature paper and aluminum can bales. Recycling education is especially critical to instill good and effective recycling practices, and focus on the importance of recycling materials back into useful purposes, keeping the environment clean. The kids are the future.

You can contact Recycle Montana at recyclemontana.org if you are interested in sponsoring a trunk or having one placed in your school.

Candi Zion




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