Sports are the highlight of junior year for Winnett’s Zane Stahl

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Football and basketball define the school year for Winnett junior Zane Stahl.
Photo by courtesy of Zane Stahl

Zane Stahl is intimately familiar with the Winnett Schools. He should be, having attended from kindergarten to now, the beginning of his junior year at Winnett High School.

Living on the Flatwillow Ranch, each of those years of schooling has involved a lot of time on a school bus.

“I live 25 miles south of Winnett,” Zane said. “Now I sometimes take another vehicle to get to school, but mostly I still ride the bus.”

Zane’s ride is worth it, he feels, because it gives him the opportunity to play sports; football and basketball in particular. He doesn’t have a favorite, liking them both about the same. Zane said he’s been competing on basketball and football teams since fifth grade. Now he is a running back and safety for the Grass Range-Winnett Rangers, and in basketball is a point guard for the Winnett-Grass Range Rams.

Of course, competing in sports isn’t the main reason for going to school. This year’s challenging classes for Zane will be physics and algebra II, although he said he isn’t finding them to be that difficult. Zane doesn’t have any “least favorite” classes, he said, adding that he likes them all.

Perhaps that is due to the inclusive atmosphere at Winnett schools.

“In a small school everyone knows everyone,” he said. “Everyone here is very supportive.”

As a junior, Zane is just now beginning to look ahead to life after high school. At career day he visited with recruiters for several Montana colleges, including Montana Tech and Rocky Mountain College, but said he isn’t sure yet whether college is for him.

Perhaps he will end up working on the family ranch, which these days is mostly cattle. There Zane enjoys riding his three horses (Cowboy, Drifter and the horse with no name). He also likes riding his dirtbike, mostly to help around the ranch.

Zane’s parents are Brad and Helena. He has a younger brother, Kenyon, and a younger sister, Tia. That’s the entire family, he said, unless you include the ranch dog, Bugs the border collie, in the mix.



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