Spotlight on Winnett: Turning garbage into greenery

News-Argus Managing Editor

Shaylie Ahlgren hauls a bucket of manure for nutrients to her pallet garden.

Photo courtesy of Reba Ahlgren

Cami Ahlgren takes a break after planting her pallet garden. Painted rocks serve as row markers.

Photo courtesy of Reba Ahlgren

Who knew you could turn a discarded old pallet, the wooden platforms used to package heavy items for shipping, into a lovely garden? Sisters Cami and Shaylie Ahlgren knew, that’s who.

Both girls are members of the Winnett Shamrock 4-H Club, and live the family’s ranch outside of Winnett, where they raise red Angus, along with assorted pigs, chickens and goats. Cami will be attending Winnett School as a kindergartener this fall, while Shaylie is entering third grade.

The sisters both created pallet gardens for their 4-H fair projects this year. What’s a pallet garden, you ask? Just what it sounds like. The steps, according to the Ahlgren sisters, are simple: lay your pallet on the ground, fill the slots between the boards with good quality dirt, plant your seeds, water and watch it grow.

To make the pallet gardens a bit more colorful, brightly painted small rocks were used as row markers.

Mom Reba Ahlgren said the gardens did well, despite some damage from a heavy hailstorm that hit Winnett earlier in July. The girls have harvested beets and other early vegetables, and their corn is beginning to tassel out now.

In addition to her garden project, Shaylie also worked on creating items on her potholder loom as part of her 4-H activities. Next year the girls may try their hand at raising pigs for the fair, perhaps with a little help from dad, Charlie, and maybe even an assist from baby brother Brody, who is only 3 years old.





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