The stage is set…finally

‘Something for everyone’ at upcoming Oak Ridge Boys show
Katherine Sears
Friday, May 21, 2021
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The Oak Ridge Boys will play Lewistown on Saturday, June 5, after having to cancel last year due to the pandemic.
Photo courtesy of Oak Ridge Boys

After a yearlong delay due to the pandemic, Lewistown will finally have the opportunity to soak in the sounds of Grammy award winning and Country Music Hall of Famers, the Oak Ridge Boys. The concert, which was originally scheduled for July 12 of last year, will take place at the Fergus Performing Arts Center on June 5, much to the content of the public and the band members.
“You have four Oak Ridge Boys who are ready to go,” said Richard Sterban, bass player for the band. “We haven’t worked in 13-14 months, but we’re finally seeing some light at the end of the tunnel. We are excited to come to Lewistown.”
The concert was scheduled to benefit Central Montana Medical Center’s ongoing Radiology Department upgrade, including the acquisition of a new 3D Mammogram unit and Breast Biopsy Guide System.
Concert goers will get quite the treat as the band performs old favorites, including the hit “Elvira,” which turns 40 years old this year.
“You can count on hearing hits like Elvira, but we also love doing new music,” said Sterban. “We feel like it puts new life into our fans and our show.”
The band found their way to the studio during the pandemic to record a new album with the popular Nashville producer Dave Cobb, well known for producing the work of John Prine, Chris Stapleton, Sturgill Simpson and Jason Isbell.

The result is the album “Front Porch Singin,’” to be released June 11. The work mixes new songs with some old favorites, according to Sterban.
“He (Cobb) knows how to take an old familiar song and make it current for this market,” said Sterban.
The voices of the Oak Ridge Boys are front and center in the recordings, and Sterban said the idea for the project came after Cobb attended one of the band’s Christmas shows in 2019. During each of their Christmas shows, the band sits in rocking chairs to sing and talk about their favorite Christmas memories.
“It’s kind of a down-home, earthy type of thing,” said Sterban. “Dave said ‘I want to capture that feeling you had right there, capture the heart and soul of the Oak Ridge Boys – like four guys just gathering on the front porch and harmonizing.’”
The album features old gospel songs and new songs written by some of Nashville’s top songwriters. With song titles like “Love, light and healing” and “Life is beautiful,” Sterban said the message couldn’t be more timely.
“The message and the music turned out to be very necessary for the time,” said Sterban.
While the band is excited to play songs off the new album, they will be just as happy to be on stage again with their familiar tunes.
“We believe our music helps people and we’ve missed that,” said Sterban. “But we’ve also missed the feedback our fans give us.”
The group most recently performed at the Grand Ole Opry to a full audience and hopes to do the same in Lewistown.
“I think it’s going to be good for everyone,” said Sterban.
The show will also appeal to people of all ages.
“It will be a well-rounded, well-balanced show for the whole family,” said Sterban. “There’s something for everyone.”
A limited amount of tickets in sections near the front toward the side of the stage are still available, according to Lewistown Art Center staff.