Stahl joins Stockman Insurance

Special to the News-Argus

Stockman Insurance agent Cody Swanson is no longer alone in his new office, home of the former JB Insurance. He now has help in the person of Jamie Stahl of Geyser. She is the company’s new Customer Service Representative (CSR).

“I am here to help the agent, to do a lot of the computer inputting and to assist customers the best I can,” Stahl said, “unless they have to actually talk to the agent.”

She noted as she understands it, the company eventually would like her to be licensed.

Stahl comes to her new job from the Geyser School, where she would have been employed for 10 years in October. Her job at the school was maintenance custodian, a fairly simply title, but the job entailed a great deal. In addition to cleaning the high school area, making sure everything was in good shape everywhere else for extracurricular activities, and completing the maintenance schedule during the summer, Stahl was in charge of the boiler. She holds a boiler’s license and is lead renovation certified and Class A and Class B certified for the school’s underground storage tanks.

She is looking forward to having all of her weekends free during the winter months. She explained when the boiler is running – nine months out of the year – someone has to be there morning and night every day to check it, add coal and pull ash. She and Pat Antonich, who also holds a boiler’s license, would alternate weekends.

“It was a job I couldn’t see myself doing for the rest of my life,” she explained. “It is very physical.

“And finding a job in Judith Basin County is not the easiest thing to do,” she added. Right now Stahl does not mind the five-day-a-week drive she has to make to get to work.

“Ask me in December,” she said with a laugh.

Her car gets good mileage and she and her husband just bought a new four-wheel drive pickup last year. She can use it in the wintertime if she needs to.

Jamie is married to Steve Stahl, who works for Shorty Harlow. The couple, along with their daughter Katie, lives north of Geyser on the old Oscar Hill place, which Harlow has owned since the Hills left. Stahl, the former Jamie Visocan, is a native of Raynesford. She attended elementary school in Raynesford and graduated from Geyser High School in 1994. After high school she worked for Dan and Mary Evans, formerly of Raynesford, as nanny to their three children. She also kept books for their ranch and for their branded beef business, helping to ship the beef as well. 

“This is going to be a learning curve for me,” Stahl noted of her new position, “but I’m getting used to it. It’s all pretty much the same kind of work, but I can move from one thing to another if something gets monotonous. It will be just fine.”

She is looking forward to going home and having the energy to spend time with her daughter.

“Before, I was so physically worn out,” she said, “it was all I could do to just fix dinner.”

Stahl had only good things to say about the people she has been working with so far.

“Everyone is very friendly and welcoming,” she said.

She said the head CSR in Miles City has already been in touch via email making sure everything is going well.

“It’s not like I’m here learning this all by myself,” she said. “I have Cody to ask here. If he can’t answer my question, there are CSRs all over the state that I can ask for help. We’re all linked on the same computer system.”

Stahl trained in Miles City from May 25 through noon on May 27. She has been in the Stanford office since May 31 and went solo with the job on June 6. She is in the office Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., with an hour off for lunch.


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