Stay the course with current city government

Dear Editor,
We need to keep Lewistown moving forward - we need to vote for the existing commission-manager form of government.
We have an effective and confident city manager, our current city commissioners are attentive to their duties and dedicated to Lewistown, and our city employees perform their jobs efficiently and conscientiously. Our community is showing vibrant growth, so we need our government to continue to perform smoothly. We do not need the confusion and disruption that a change to a different form of government would entail.
There are very important reasons we must vote for the existing commission-manager form of government: In the proposed government, the mayor would take on part of the City Commission’s decision-making duties, thereby lessening the commission’s responsibilities. So in effect, Lewistown’s citizens would pay for a mayoral position that would create an additional and unnecessary layer of government, and we would still need to employ an administrative officer (manager) to run the government.
Lewistown does not need a mayor. Vote to keep our current, efficient form of government.

Mary Frieze



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