Students of the quarter make their mark

News-Argus Staff

Berkley Stroh and Bodie Donsbach were chosen as Students of the Quarter last week at Roy School.

Photo courtesy of Ann Bergum





In a small school every student is important. To be recognized as a Student of the Quarter, they have to make an extra effort every day. To be chosen for the honor at Roy School, a student must be polite, helpful to others and respectful to teachers and other students alike. Teachers and staff members nominate students for the honor.

Bodie Donsbach, son of Ragan and Kirk Donsbach, is in sixth grade. The 11-year-old was surprised to be chosen for this honor. His favorite subject in school is science. After school he likes to play football and basketball.

Listing the Golden State Warriors as his favorite pro sports team, Bodie said, “Stephen Curry is my favorite player. He is the best three-point shooter in the NBA. Curry is on the Warriors team with Keven Durant, Klay Thompson and Dramond Green.”

If he could have a special power, Brodie would like to have super speed. “With super speed, I could make a touchdown every time I run the football,” he explained.

When asked if he was an actor and had a role in a movie, what it would be, Brodie would choose a role in a football movie titled “The Last Chance.” His role would be a tailback on the team.

 Sophomore Berkley Stroh is 16 years old. The daughter of Josh and Heidi Stroh, Berkley was proud and honored to be chosen as a Student of the Quarter.

“I don’t have a favorite subject in school this year. All my classes are interesting and all my teachers are fun,” she said. 

Berkley likes to spend time with her family. Some of her spare time is spent taking care of her 4-H animals - steers and pigs. Other extracurricular activities include FFA and 4-H club. She also volunteers at the Boys and Girls Club, and is a 4-H County Ambassador as well.

“I also help out at my church and volunteer at different clubs. I like spending my extra time at leadership or community service activities,”Berkley said.

Given the choice of having dinner with any person, living or dead, Berkley says she would choose her cousin, Kris Harris. “I would want to have dinner with him so that we could drink chocolate milk and tell stories about when I was younger,” she said.

What does the future hold for Berkley? Her answer is, “In 10 years I hope to have a job as a teacher in a small school. I want to be a teacher so that I can make a positive impact on students, like the impact many of my teachers have had on me.”


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