Success in the Field

Tagen McCoy, age 10, of Lewistown, displays this beautiful 5x4 24” wide mule deer buck near Lewistown on Friday, Nov. 25. Tagen is a 5th-grader at Lewis and Clark school, and is the son of Dave McCoy and Allie Bush. His dad and Grandpa Don McCoy helped Tagen retrieve the animal from the coulee. Photo courtesy of Doris McCoy

Lewistown fifth-grader Skylar Rutten had a hunting season to remember this fall. Her first deer was this white-tailed buck, which had six points on each side. She used a .243 rifle and got it with one shot from 175 yards away. She was hunting with her dad and 12-year-old cousin Annabelle Gunderson. Photo courtesy of Jacques Rutten



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