Summer blooms in the Labyrinth Garden


Volunteer Coordinator Nadine Robertson replaces missing pieces of the mosaic bench as volunteer Joe Gauthier mixes more putty Tuesday at the Lewistown Community Labyrinth Garden.

Photo by Jenny Gessaman

As summer finally brings high temperatures and cloudless days, the Lewistown Community Labyrinth Garden is seeing the return of blooms and volunteers, according to Volunteer Coordinator Nadine Robertson.

Robertson reported the garden isn’t seeing much change in its 21st year, but it is seeing some repairs.

“There’s nothing new, but we have been fixing things up,” she said.

Robertson and volunteer Joe Gauthier have raised and straightened the garden’s surrounding benches, and are restoring the art featured on one.

“We’re repairing the mosaic bench Nikki Edwards did years ago,” she said.

As far as flowers, Robertson said the perennials were doing well. Montana’s harsh cold caused problems for the flowers in the past, but most survived this past winter.

“We’ve barely lost any this year due to weather,” she said.

Robertson did point out some unwelcome blooms, though.

“The downside, though, and not only in the park but everywhere, is the amount of dandelions,” she said.

While the Labyrinth Garden’s volunteers are working hard to eliminate the yellow pest, and all the other weeds, Robertson’s ranks need reinforcement.

“We have about 22 volunteers, but we could use about a dozen more,” she said.

Each volunteer is assigned a 15-foot section of the maze. Robertson suggested splitting a section with a friend so two people could take turns. She said volunteering could even be a way to pick up gardening skills.

“This is a good way to learn gardening,” she said. “Volunteers don’t even have to have a green thumb.”

Robertson is always looking to increase volunteer numbers, but her project for this summer is labeling the Labyrinth Garden. The task involves over 200 labels, and she’s hoping to find some botanists to help her identify the garden’s coils of greenery.

If you’re interested in solving an identity crisis of the leafy variety, or in just helping out, contact the Lewistown Community Labyrinth Garden by messaging their Facebook page, emailing or by calling Robertson at 350-1125.



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