Support the community through Relay for Life

Dear Editor,

The Relay for Life is coming up very soon. There are a lot of people working very hard to make this happen.

Cancer is the single worst word you will ever hear next to your name. Some of us are living proof that a support group is very important to your survival. Cancer never shows up at a good time. You can’t prepare yourself for that moment.

I was very lucky to have a great wife and family and friends to help push me through to the next day. I was helping an old friend (Kliff) on the ranch and his theory was, the harder you work, the lower your PSA [lab result] would go. Great theory. But the best thing that happened was I thought more about living than dying, and a positive attitude is the best thing to get you through. Thank you, Kliff.

That’s what you will find with the folks at the Relay. I encourage all of you to go and support our community in the effort to prevent cancer and support those affected by it.

Joe and Barb Stoltz




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