Surviving extreme winter weather

Here are tips on how to stay safe during snowstorms and extreme cold:

Stay indoors during the storm. Have plenty of food, water and blankets available.

• Drive only if it is absolutely necessary. If you must drive, travel in the day; don’t travel alone; keep

others informed of your schedule and your route; stay on main roads and avoid back roads.

• Walk carefully on snowy, icy, walkways.

• Avoid overexertion when shoveling snow. Overexertion can bring on a heart attack—a major cause of

death in the winter. Use caution, take breaks, push the snow instead of lifting it or lift lighter loads.

• Keep dry. Change wet clothing frequently to prevent a loss of body heat.

• If you must go outside, wear several layers of loosefitting, lightweight, warm clothing rather than one

layer of heavy clothing. The outer garments should be tightly woven and water repellent.

• Wear mittens, which are warmer than gloves. Wear a hat and scarf to reduce heat loss.

For current, up-to-date information visit the National Weather Service website at: or



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