Teaching more than academics: Denton students reach out to community

News-Argus Staff

(From left to right): Quinten Coppedge, Gabe Squires, Dakota Crabree, Jacob Davis and Emory Sutton, students in Mrs. Poser’s class, assemble greetings for senior citizens.

Photo courtesy of Glenda Peterson





It doesn’t matter in what part of the world you live – things seem to move faster with each coming year. The internet, laptop computers, iPads, iPods and similar devices, cell phones with WiFi access, social media sites and instant messaging all seem to vie for attention, no matter your age.

The same is true in the small town of Denton. However, the holiday season brings a change in perspective to the diminutive school and the students and teachers who spend their days there.

More than 25 years ago a new tradition began which is carried on today. Elementary students began delivering fruit and cookies to senior citizens who lived in the town. There was a desire to reach more of the elderly population, so the students began making ornaments to hand out along with the senior citizen lunches. But that wasn’t quite good enough. 

This year, the students from kindergarten to high school seniors are making Christmas cards for adults living in Denton, those who have moved to assisted living centers or skilled nursing facilities in Lewistown.

“The kids love it,” elementary teacher Sue Poser exclaimed. “I think the students enjoy the ‘art’ project going to someone in the community. Several senior citizens send a return Christmas card to the student who made their card. It’s so sweet!”

The students design their own cards, getting ideas through the use of a computer and internet. One student in Poser’s 4th-6th grade class said, “I like this project as we can put our own ideas and feelings into these cards, rather than just buying them.”

“Giving to others is at the heart of each card made especially for these treasured members of the Denton community,” added Poser.

The Scripture is proved with this project: “It is more blessed to give, than to receive.”


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