Tenth Judicial District Court Report

Charlie Denison

Editor’s note: The following is a report of selected criminal proceedings held in the Montana Tenth Judicial District Court, in Lewistown from Sept. 26 to Sept. 30. As individual criminal cases are adjudicated within the Tenth Judicial District Court, arraignments, changes of pleas, sentencing hearings, acquittals, dismissals and appeals will be made public as they occur. If you have any questions regarding this report, or News-Argus policies associated with its publication, please contact either Charlie Denison or Deb Hill at the News-Argus news desk, 535-3401, during regular business hours.

Jason Michael Terronez, 34, was granted the motion in Montana Tenth Judicial District Court Sept. 30 to withdraw his previous guilty plea for sexual intercourse without consent. His plea has been changed to “not guilty.” The Court also ruled that – if Terronez posts bond – he “will be placed on GPS monitoring.” According to the Fergus County Sheriff’s Department, Terronez was released on bond Tuesday. Court documents indicate he is residing with a family friend who “is presently hospitalized, and as such, is not residing in her home.” Deputy County Attorney Jean Adams responded to the recently issued order.

“This case has been very difficult for everyone involved. When Mr. Terronez pled guilty to a lesser crime during the trial last fall, our office believed the parties had reached a just resolution,” Adams said in a release Tuesday. “We have forwarded the recent Order Granting Defendant’s Motion to Withdraw Guilty Plea to the Attorney General’s Office to be reviewed for a possible appeal to the Montana Supreme Court. The Attorney General’s Office will make the final decision about whether to appeal, and, if an appeal is filed, it will be handled by that office. If the Attorney General’s Office determines the Order is not appropriate for an appeal, this office will then evaluate the next step, and will continue to consult with the family of the victim.”


James Walter VanHaur, 58, was found guilty by jury Friday, Sept. 30 in Montana Tenth Judicial District Court for driving a non-commercial motor vehicle with BAC of .08 or more, a fourth or subsequent offense, which makes it a felony. VanHaur’s attorney, Torger Oaas, is currently filing a motion contesting the fourth DUI.

According to court documents,VanHaur was arrested July 11, 2015 on Highway 191 North. Documents report “at the time, or at a reasonable time thereafter,” VanHaur had a blood alcohol concentration of over .08.”



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