Terran Speake: finding a home in Winifred

Charlie Denison


Winifred eighth grade student Terran Speake poses with her pig earlier this year. Speake showed her pig in FFA and looks forward to continuing with FFA in high school.

Photo courtesy of Brenda Speake


Three years ago, Terran Speake and her family moved to Winifred, where her father, Trevor, took a job working on the PN Ranch.

The ranch sold in April to the American Prairie Reserve, which means the Speakes are in search of a new home, and Terran hopes that home remains in Winifred.

“We can only live here a couple more months and I’m not sure where we are headed,” Terran said. “We hope to stay in Winifred. Our whole family loves it here.”

An eighth grade student, Terran said her experiences in Winifred have been excellent. She’s excelled in school, she’s made a lot of friends, gotten involved in church and she even went to state for livestock judging with FFA.

“Going to state was so much fun,” Terran said. “I didn’t place very well, but I was pleased with how I did. It’s a goal of mine to get back to state again.”

In addition to livestock judging, Terran also showed pigs with FFA.

“I like their personalities,” Terran said of the pigs. “They are sweet. Sometimes they get a little mean. Once you warm up to them, they get nicer.”

FFA has been beneficial for Terran, as has the education she’s received in Winifred thus far.

“I like the teachers and how hard they push us to succeed,” Terran said. “My favorite teacher is my English teacher: Mrs. Cantu. A lot of students say she is one of the hardest teachers, but I’d say that’s not really the case.”

School has been wonderful, Terran said, as has school athletics.

“I like to play sports,” Terran said. “This year’s volleyball season just ended. It was a good year. I also like to play basketball. It’s one of my passions.”

But, more than anything, it’s the community in small-town Winifred Terran enjoys most. She hadn’t experienced anything quite like it while living in California or during her early childhood in Colorado.

“I like the community here in Winifred,” Terran said. “I like how everyone is a family and they help you out.”

Everyone in her family really seems to be enjoying Winifred. Her mother, Brenda, is a fourth-ßgrade teacher at Winifred School, and she loves it. Terran’s two younger siblings – sister Taylor and brother Brody – also are loving life out on the ranch.

“We have two cats, two dogs and two horses,” Terran said. “We have a great time with the animals and just exploring, playing outdoors. I love being outdoors. I love the fresh air.”

Terran also really enjoys being part of the Central Montana church community. A highlight of her summer was going to Camp Lewtana, a camp dedicated to teaching youth how to “live by faith.”

“It was an awesome experience,” Terran said. “We went camping for three days, played paintball, had a lot of great fellowship sessions and I made a lot of friends.”

Terran’s also made a lot of friends at American Lutheran Church, where her family leads children’s church.

“We do worship songs and dad shares a message,” Terran said. “My parents love doing it. The kids love it, too.”

All this being said, Terran said she really hopes her family can stay in Winifred, but she is open to whatever the future brings, as long as her family is happy and she can continue to grow in her faith.

As far as her own future plans, she’s not sure at this time, but she knows she does want to travel to Belize, Mexico someday.

“Some of my parents’ friends live there and have an orphanage,” Terran said. “I would love to see it.”




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