Tester showed his courage

Dear Editor,

In today’s volatile political climate, rarely do senators or representatives reach across the aisle to work with their political rivals. Peer pressure, angering their base and loss of political contributions are just some of the reasons this doesn’t happen. It takes courage to put political differences aside and work with both sides of the aisle to get important legislation passed.

Jon Tester once again showed his courage and willingness to reach across the aisle when he sponsored and shepherded seven bills to completion. When these bills were “signed into law” they ensured VA will receive additional funding to hire additional quality medical staff to insure the high quality care veterans deserve. Another bill makes it easier to receive care from non-VA providers when the wait is too long or the VA does not have services for that care locally (Choice Plan). Yet another bill holds caregivers in the VA more accountable for the care given.

Veterans continue to serve their country long after they return to civilian life. We continue to respect courage and pride in service to our country.

I believe veterans have a unique understanding of the courage it takes to put country first, and I call on my fellow veterans to exercise that courage. No matter what your party affiliation (Republican, Democrat or Independent), I urge you to have the courage to openly support Jon Tester in his bid for reelection as Jon is a “man of the people” who always puts our country first.

Dean Martin




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