Text of letter from Fergus County to Senator Steve Daines

Oct. 13, 2016

Dear Senator Daines,

The Fergus County Commissioners are in support of the efforts to remove 98,000 acres from the Big Snowies Wilderness Study Area designation. We believe this area has languished under this designation long enough. It is time to allow the Forest service [sic] to integrate the management of these lands with the rest of the national forest lands.

The original intent of the WSA designation was to identify possible lands for a wilderness designation and study them to determine if they qualified. These lands have failed to qualify multiple times and need to be released for appropriate multiuse management strategies of our national forests. The continued WSA designation hinders responsible management of these public resources.

We appreciate the consideration afforded local government when making decisions that impact our community and our way of life. Please feel free to contact the Fergus County Commissioners with any questions or concerns you may have regarding our position on the removal of the WSA designation on these lands in Fergus County.

Sincerely, Carl Seilstad Sandra Youngbauer Ross Butcher



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